Icobit: a unique process with people at its heart

Have you ever thought about how important process is within a company?
You should know that for us at Icobit, both in terms of production and approach, the process is absolutely fundamental.
To develop the Icobit method, we have followed a very significant path over time: a path that starts from people’s most common problems, with the aim of developing solid, efficient and effective solutions: solutions that are simple and affordable for everyone.

From problem to solution: an Icobit constant

Every action, every project and every single research and development plan within our company has always been based on one unequivocal factor: the identification of the problem. Understanding a given problem or need is the first fundamental step that has always enabled us to create people-friendly solutions, solutions that literally represent the final product that passes through the hands of our entire team, from the engineers to the laboratory, all the way to production.

Study to grow and to improve

Understanding needs is in itself a major achievement: but before we get to that, we need to dialogue and study. It is precisely the study of specific needs that represents a very important step in our process; a fundamental step that leads to research, the real trademark that has characterised and distinguished Icobit for over forty years.
In order to make Icobit’s waterproofing systems true excellence with unique quality, constant research into raw materials and investment in the most innovative technologies are two steps that cannot be ignored.

Partners of businesses, professionals and people

The entire Icobit process is carried out and expressed at its best in the application phase: the ease, instant comprehension and effectiveness over time make Icobit waterproofers the true allies of companies, professionals and people who rely on our products to solve common problems.
Being a manufacturer of liquid waterproofing products for almost 50 years means, in fact, not only being able to interpret one’s own time but, more than anything else, being able to design the future; our own and that of the world around us.
Our mission lies here on a daily basis.

For all information about our training and support system, and for all clarifications and curiosities regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact Icobit support after browsing our solutions for all your needs.