Do you need to protect surfaces and facades? Discover the Icobit solutions that are right for you.

Renovation of terraces and balconies with transparent non-film coating

Choose Risanaterrazze, the transparent non-film-forming ready-to-use waterproofing protector for terraces and balconies.

Renovation of terraces and balconies with transparent film coating

Choose Balcony Water, the transparent and polished aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing coating, water-based, ready to use and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Protective treatment of external condominium facades and stone walls

Choose Icoproof S, the water-repellent based on siloxane resins for surfaces and facades.

Universal water-oil repellent surface treatment

Choose Xpro, the transparent impregnator based on silane-modified resins for the water-oil repellent protection of cement floors.

Universal anti-slip clear top coat for surfaces

Choose Proskid, the transparent and light-resistant non-slip coating, ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.

Transparent dust and stain protection of stone and/or stamped concrete floors

Choose Icostone Pro, the transparent dustproof impregnator based on acrylic resins.

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