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Waterproofings are the result of over a century’s know-how: changes, always seen as opportunities, have allowed Icobit to establish itself in the world.


Investments in scientific research and team work have allowed Icobit to be a pioneer and constant precursor of innovations in the sector at an international level.


The ease of use and effectiveness of Icobit products are the tip of the iceberg of a unique process, accompanied at every moment by reliability and seriousness at company level.</span >


The courage to face common needs and structural problems through simple, effective and fast solutions, enhancing internal skills with a long-term vision.

Believe in people

During our journey we have made a choice: to always invest in people. Constant training, participation and feeling part of a group are factors that over the years have proven to be added values and which have allowed us to spontaneously raise the level of a winning team, part of a horizontal system in which every touch is fundamental.

Specialization is what identifies us

Since the 1970s, our company has focused on the high specialization of resources, first with the production of support for bituminous sheaths – the waterproofing solutions used at the time – and subsequently, through investments in research and development, giving life to liquid waterproofing products that are simple to use, but at the same time effective and recognized worldwide. Icobit products have revolutionized a sector which, even today, almost half a century later, sees our know-how as the protagonist.


Effectiveness and ease of use guaranteed by history and science


Pioneers of liquid waterproofing, from Abruzzo to the rest of the world


Constant training and research: Icobit rhymes with future



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