In the mid-70s, to crown a family history characterized by waterproofing since the early 1900s, the Icobit company. The first years of production are characterized by waterproofing, solvents and bitumen, a production destined to evolve over the years.


The production of solvents and bitumen began in the early 1980s, the first step towards a path of growth and technological and scientific innovation continued for decades.


Subsequently the need arises to identify products that represent the real alternative to the demolition and disposal of roll and brick sheathing, a problem that is increasingly present especially in large cities. Icobit research will bring waterproofing solutions never created before, in order to intervene directly on old roofs and building surfaces. Thus was born the first liquid waterproofing in aqueous emulsion by Icobit: Icoper.

Storia icobit


In the early 1990s Icobit participated in active manner in the initiative relating to the encapsulation of asbestos which will lead to the drafting of the Ministerial Decree. 08/20/1999 concerning the treatment of asbestos in Italy: Icobit products for the encapsulation of asbestos will become a point of reference in terms of health and environmental protection.


At the end of the 90s, an increasingly common problem emerged: that of water stagnation on balconies and terraces; the so-called “pool effect” which gives rise to a series of decidedly important structural needs. Starting in 1996, Icobit began a path of research and innovation with the aim of designing the ideal product to fill this widespread need.


In the first months of 2000, following several years of research and tests based on the effectiveness of the production cycle, Icobit launched the concept of water stagnation on the market with its Icoper waterproofing system, considered to all intents and purposes a novelty.


In the months following the launch, the Icoper line underwent a fundamental technical evolution brought about by the arrival of Icoper-Hp: the waterproofing ready for use and within everyone’s reach which does not require further protections and reinforcement reinforcements, being already rich in fiber inside.


Icobit’s commercial activity began in 2011 in Brazil and South America: a profoundly different market with particular needs that allows the company to implement its growth process towards the world.


In 2018, the innovative multi-purpose colored quick-drying waterproofing based on HPC®, High Performance Copolymer technology was born. Keep Dry represents a real innovation because it fills the growing need to create quick-drying waterproof interventions.


The South American commercial activity leads to the construction of the first Icobit production plant in Brazil, in the State of San Paulo: the widespread distribution of the Icobit brand in the world increases with a further step of extraordinary importance.